Edmonton Windows: How to Choose New Windows for Your House

Windows in Edmonton must be built Alberta tough. With the harsh winters and weather that can change in an instant, your home needs windows you can count on. Even in the summer, Edmonton weather can be severe. Every summer, Albertans can expect to live through severe thunderstorms, high winds, and pea- to golf ball-sized hail—which is why homeowners need their windows in Edmonton to be durable all year. Thankfully, window technology has advanced, and you can get windows in Edmonton that will make your home more energy efficient; and who doesn’t want that? But there’s more to window shopping than just going to a store and buying them. There are key styles and features to consider when shopping for windows in Edmonton. Below, we’ll look at how to choose new windows for your house.

Do you Need New Windows?

Although windows in Edmonton take a lot of abuse, a draft here and there doesn’t mean you need to replace your windows. You can see if improving your weather stripping around the window will improve your energy loss. But, if your windows are damaged and can’t be repaired (such as water damage to the casing or sash), you should think about replacing your windows. Windows in Edmonton that are damaged can lead to big issues by allowing water to access your foundation and wall cavities.

First Steps to Choosing Windows in Edmonton

Before you start shopping for new windows in Edmonton, first figure out your needs: design your wants and your budget. A window purchase is a big commitment and a costly mistake if you don’t get the right kind.

Choose Your Window Glass Pane

There are many window glass options. Single-pane glass is outdated and not suitable for windows in Edmonton. Double-pane windows come with a sealed air space between the glass layers to reduce heat loss. They’re available in many variations that improve their insulating ability.

Windows in Edmonton for Added Protection

Because of the cold climate in the winter, you should think about getting triple-pane windows in Edmonton. These window panes are sealed with a mix of gases. The same as with the double-pane, this gas gives extra insulation. A triple-pane window is more energy efficient, but it costs slightly more, which is something to think about if you’re not planning to stay in your home long-term.

Windows in Edmonton – Sound Insulation and Condensation

Double and triple pane windows in Edmonton offer a good, sound insulation, and they are a necessity if your home faces a busy street, or if you’re near the airport. Heavily insulated windows are less likely to have issues with excess condensation and fog.

Windows in Edmonton – Choose Your Window Type

There are several types of windows you can get. Vinyl clad windows are available in assorted colors, and they don’t need as much maintenance as wood windows do, such as painting them. Although they’re not as nice looking as wood windows in Edmonton, they’re cheaper and offer similar insulation. Fiberglass windows are stronger than vinyl, but they are also more expensive.

If you’re looking for windows in Edmonton, we can help. At River City Doors, we’re experts, so visit our website to find more or to get a quick quote.

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