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At first, the variety of Edmonton garage doors can be a little overwhelming because not all garage doors are the same. Read our short guide below to learn more about the most popular styles and types of garage doors in Edmonton. Our technicians are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Not all Garage Doors are the Same

Location, climate, and building codes are all factors you need to consider when choosing the garage door that is right for your home in Edmonton. If you are beginning the journey of building a new home or interested in replacing your existing garage door, let the best garage door installers in Edmonton be a part of your project. No matter the style of your home, we carry doors in a wide range of materials and colours that will operate even during the worst snowfalls and temperature dips in Edmonton. 

Garage Door Insulation Choices

Polystyrene or Polyurethane

Polystyrene is a rigid type of insulation that is relatively quick and easy to install. It is lighter than most other insulators and as a type of foam, it does not completely fill every void in the garage door.

On the other hand, polyurethane is an expanding closed cell insulation that forms between the two layers of steel. As an expander, it completely fills void. 

The best insulation for your garage door depends on your needs. For example, if your garage is heated, polyurethane will do a better job of managing heat loss in the winter. However, if you want a faster-rising, lighter garage door, polystyrene is the answer. 

Polyurethane is also thicker, which could be a consideration if your garage is already tight for space.

It could also come down to noise level. Polyurethane insulation makes for a quieter garage door. However, you can save money with polystyrene insulation if the garage is located at the cottage or vacation home, or if noise is not an issue.

The experts at River City will discuss your options with you, ensuring you get the most ideal garage door insulation for your needs.

Garage Door Styles


The best quality traditional steel garage doors feature triple layer construction with a steel skin on the outside and insulating material on the inside.


Contemporary garage doors are a great match for homes in Edmonton with a minimalistic design. These doors come in a variety of materials like glass, aluminum, and steel.


Carriage garage doors replicate the style of old carriage doors that swung open sideways, but modern carriage garage doors roll upwards or fold open. 

16' x 7' Replacement Garage Door Pricing

For your convenience, we’ve outlined our 16’ x 7’ replacement garage door packages. For Edmonton garage door installation, our prices include installation, removal and disposal of your old door, and a new matching colour exterior seal. The average double car garage in Edmonton qualifies for our 16’ x 7’ package. Contact us for information about different sizes or options.


R - 6.48
$ 1150
  • Steel with Vinyl Backed Polystrene Insulation
  • 25 Gauge Steel
  • Basic Hardware and Components


R - 9.05
$ 1295
  • Steel with Steel Backed Polystyrene Insulation
  • 27 Gauge Steel Sandwich
  • Basic Hardware and Components


R - 13.45
$ 1550
  • Steel with Steel Backed Polyurethane Insulation
  • 26 Gauge Steel Sandwich
  • Heady Duty Hardware and Components

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