The Benefits of Professional Window Replacement Services

As any Albertan will know, regardless of being a long-time resident or a new-comer, the weather here is as diverse as the people who inhabit our province’s cities and towns. With an average winter low temperature of -10ºC, and a summer high of 18ºC, our buildings are battered by the elements just as much as we are, if not more. General climatic aridity will, over time, lead to the deterioration and cracking of many structures. Windows, as one of the key portals from our interior life to our exterior life, take a beating in particular. As easy as it is to look through a high-quality window, it can often be just as easy to overlook the need for maintenance and repair until it’s too late. A good window replacement service in Edmonton will thus help protect against drafts, leaks, sun-damage, and heating-cooling costs through the proper preservation of your building’s or home’s most vulnerable assets.

DIY or Pro?

While life on the prairies at the heel of the Rockies may breed a certain hardiness into its folk, and while everyone would like to think that DIY is absolutely doable, there are some projects that may be a little too extensive—even for the seasoned amateur. Large volume window replacements, and even smaller scale fixes, are often of this ilk. There are a few things that every tenant, homeowner, and company ought to consider when they are thinking about making a series of window replacements in Edmonton—and a few reasons why calling the pros in may be a case of prudence outweighing parsimony.

For one, if a building was constructed or seriously re-done prior to 1978, then chances are there is a serious amount of lead paint lingering either on the walls or under the latest couple of coats. Since a window replacement can often require changing the frame (sash, sill, the whole shebang), this means scoring, sanding, and exposing lead paint particles and particulate matter to the air. In some cases, frame replacement can even mean exposing some of the interior insulation of the walls (depending how adept the contractor is and how the frame was built): if your building is old enough to have lead paint, it is also old enough to contain asbestos (used in Canada up till the 90s!). A professional in window replacement in Edmonton will be familiar with these potential hazards and should be more than capable of handling them more safely than any do-it-yourselfer.

Don’t Spoil the View

We are all lucky to have at our doorsteps one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The North Saskatchewan River and its tributaries are the ready examples of a vast ecosystem in which our city plays a vital role. As energy consumption and energy resources are understood to have an ever-more pressing impact on not only our way of life, but also on the planet’s life as a whole, the need for eco-awareness mounts. Having a secure, steadfast home, proofed against the elements means expending less energy compensating for their effects when they inevitably force their way in. A window replacement/refurbishment in Edmonton is just one way we can contribute to the health of our city and its ecosystem.

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