The View on the Matter: Window Replacement Tips for Your Home

It is the end of the summer, and generally, this is the perfect time of the year to think about home improvement. The woods, plastics, and metals in your home have finally finished their seasonal warping—which in summer consists of expansion, thanks to the added moisture and heat. Come winter, anything refitted or replaced, from door frames and mouldings to window casings, will cool and contract, come flush into place, and stay steady. This all occurs during the season when it’s most important to bar drafts and keep the house curried with comfort and warmth. More specifically, though, making a door or window replacement in Edmonton has gained a slightly more pressing and timely dimension. With forest fires in full force all over neighbouring BC, the air quality in our city has recently taken a plunge. Just the other day, residents woke up to a smog not unlike the infamous palls that blanket Beijing or Hong Kong.

Since a solid window is clearly not just about making our beautiful landscape accessible from the comfort of home, but is also about maintaining that home’s comfort, it’s important that you take the steps to get the job done right. Here are a few tips about how to plan and carry out a window replacement in Edmonton.

Finding the Right Fit

Edmonton is home to a number of older buildings and houses. Combined with the harsh climate (with winter average lows at -14º) these older buildings mean that many pre-fabricated windows simply won’t cut it when it comes to a seamless installation. For example, uneven frames, sometimes caused by wall warping and moisture infiltration over time, can cause an uneven weight distribution on the window’s shims. This, in turn, will cause the window to open and close poorly, and that will lead to the much more rapid degradation of moving components on the window than if the casing and frame were more evenly installed. On this account, it is worthwhile doing a bit of research to see which companies will provide a free, in-house assessment/quote for installation when you research a window replacement in Edmonton.

The Ins and Outs

Another leading cause of drafts is the improper installation of the sash and slider mechanism. If the window’s sash, that being the lower part of the frame, is misaligned with the slider (if your window is indeed a slider), then the seal of the window may not effectively shut upon closure. In such cases, this can also cause insect screens to pop out of place; if you are considering a window replacement in Edmonton, then you, and your skin, are already familiar with the necessity of an insect screen. After all, the only force of nature more pandemic than the cold out here is the bugs! Keep comfort in and the histamines out.

Inside and Out

Last, and pertinent not only to window replacement, but to everywhere else as well, be sure that, once the window is installed, you are satisfied with the job that’s been done on the inside as well as the outside of your home. Be sure that the window has decent curb-side appeal. After all, although you don’t want anyone looking in, it’s certainly nice to have passersby appreciate and look at the latest addition to your home.

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