Top Window Companies in Edmonton – What You Must Know Before You Buy

If you are planning to upgrade your windows in your home, whether you are hoping to update the style or to save on energy costs, there are many things you’ll need to know before choosing from various window companies in Edmonton. When looking to replace windows, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a company that offers a good selection of quality windows with acceptable warranty terms in case something happens down the line. Ultimately, you’ll want to ensure the top window companies you consider have great positive reviews and ratings so that you get a competent company for your window installation.

Know What You Need with a Window Installation

When you are installing new windows, you need to know what you actually need in terms of the type of window installation you need. Window companies in Edmonton will offer two main types of installations: full-frame replacement or a retrofit. When you are retrofitting, you will be replacing the window while leaving in the frame; this will only be done if the frame is compatible with the new window—and if there is no damage to the frame. For full-frame replacement, the window will be removed down to the stud, which allows any moisture damage to the walls to be addressed and any bad components to be removed and replaced. Full-frame replacements will be more expensive than retrofitting, but make sure that the company you choose doesn’t charge full-frame replacement prices for retrofits.

Ensure Quality Windows

The quality of the window hardware available from window companies in Edmonton is very important; you want to ensure the available selection has been tested and certified under Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements. Through the CSA, windows are tested using the Energy Star guidelines to determine their efficiency, and depending on where you live, you should ensure that they match your climate zone (there are 3 zones in the guidelines in Canada.) Having efficient quality windows will help keep your heating and cooling costs down, so it is recommended that you choose window installations that are CSA and Energy Star rated for your area.

Warranty Terms

Just like with any work that is done on your home, whether it’s your roof or an appliance installation, you will want to have a good warranty on the work that is done, both on the product and the installation. Your choice of window companies in Edmonton should offer acceptable warranties on your window installation so that you have peace of mind in the future if anything should go wrong with them. Many companies may offer 5-year labor warranties on parts of the installation, but then, down the road, you may find that certain parts of the installation are classified as skilled labor and aren’t covered. It is important that you get the warranty information in writing and know clearly what parts of the installation are covered under warranty for what terms.

Reviews and Ratings

Just like with any work that is done on your home, when you are looking through listings for window companies in Edmonton, be sure to look up any online reviews or ratings for the companies you are considering. Companies with good reviews and ratings should also be followed up with by asking for references you can check out—remember that not all reviews may be as genuine as they seem.

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