Replacement Windows Made for Edmonton

Edmonton is known for its harsh and unpredictable weather, don’t let weather compromise your comfort. We work with leading local window manufacturers that manufacture high quality replacement windows made for Edmonton. Whatever your needs may be we can help you find the right windows.

If you think your windows might need replacing or just servicing let us help you.

Find Your Windows

Looking to replace the windows in your home? Whether the windows are broken, starting to show their age or it’s just time to renovate River City Doors and Windows carries and installs a variety of windows in the Edmonton Area. At River City Doors and Windows our name is built on quality products and excellent customer service, let us make shopping for replacement windows in Edmonton simple and easy with our simple process.  Follow our guide below and find the right replacement windows for your needs.

Full Frame Windows

Full Frame Windows are our recommended replacement window option. When it comes to full frame replacement windows the entire old window is removed and the original framing of the home is exposed. Removing the old window allows us to see if there was any leak that may have caused damage to the wood. Any repairs required we perform and ensure the problem does not occur again. 


Insert / Retrofit Windows

Insert / Retrofit Windows are an economical option when it comes to replacing old windows. With an insert window the old frame of the window remains and an insert window is installed in the old frame. This option is only suited when the exterior frame is in good conditions and shows no visible signs of damage. Once the replacement window is installed your choice of colored capping is installed over the old window trim completing the new window.

Casement windows


Casement windows open similarly to a door, swinging outwards while creating a superior seal when closed from the elements.

Sliding windows


Sliding windows can open either horizontally or vertically by sliding the movable section of the window.

Awning windows


Awning windows work similarly to a casement window but open from the bottom outwards.

Picture windows


Picture windows are non-opening windows suited for where the window can’t be accessed or air flow is not desired. Can be made is countless designs.

Our Window Suppliers

At River City Doors and Windows we deal only with Alberta based replacement window manufacturers. These replacement windows are manufactured by Albertans for Albertans, supporting the local economy while delivering a window designed for the Alberta weather.

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